Rusty Barrel Vodka 100ml


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2. Size (volume in ml) 100ml
1. Alcohol Percentage 40%

Note: Bottle designs selected at random and can’t be guaranteed

Distilled in the heart of Sydney, Rusty Barrel’s premium vodka is made from a base of Australian wheat and pure Australian water. This super smooth vodka has been processed using a unique carbon filtration system that results in a delightfully silky mouth feel with subtle, sweet grain character highlights.

Rusty Barrel Vodka is not your everyday vodka. The combination of extraordinary artwork on the barrel shaped bottle and metallic skull bottle stopper, enhance the visual experience and take you on a journey with a uniquely Australian feel.

Not for the faint hearted and a must for your home liquor cabinet or behind the bar at any trendy nightspot. Drink cautiously…

Tasting notes: This super smooth vodka has a complex nose of honey, light

butterscotch, vanilla cream and stone fruits. Full-bodied palate with some red fruit character and orange rind on the finish. It has got everything you would expect from a wheat based vodka – delivers throughout the whole sip.