Plantation Dark 1lt


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2. Size (volume in ml) 1000ml
1. Alcohol Percentage 40%

Immerse oneself in the depths of flavor with Plantation Original Dark Rum, a 1L masterpiece that embodies the richness and complexity of Caribbean rum-making tradition. Crafted with artistry and passion, this exquisite dark rum takes individuals on a sensory journey through the tropical landscapes and vibrant cultures of the islands.

Plantation Original Dark Rum showcases a carefully curated blend of aged rums, harmoniously combining the character of various Caribbean terroirs. With each sip, individuals will be greeted by luscious notes of ripe banana, molasses, and a subtle hint of spice, all wrapped in a velvety texture that coats the palate.

This versatile dark rum is equally at home in classic cocktails or as the centerpiece of mixology adventures, adding depth and character to any libation. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a favorite concoction, Plantation Original Dark Rum is a true embodiment of the spirit of the Caribbean.

Experience the magic of island craftsmanship and the allure of centuries-old traditions in every sip of Plantation Original Dark Rum.