Pirate Life Imperial Black IPA


2. Size (volume in ml) 500ml
1. Alcohol Percentage 10.5%

As far as we’re concerned, there aren’t enough Black IPAs in the world, especially imperials. Here’s a take on one of our favourite styles…and just in time for GABS!

A hefty, almost ‘Belgian’ malt bill gives this beer a solid foundation, and a wicked dark brown hue. US hop strains, Columbus, Centennial, and Simcoe bring herbaceous and piney notes, while molasses and Amber Candi Sugar lend richness and depth.  

Expect a complex bouquet of espresso, mandarin, treacle and sticky resin – blessings from the malt, hops and Abbey Ale Yeast. To drink, it’s deep and expressive, with lashings of dark chocolate and a curly mid-palate bitterness.

IBIPA? Uh huh.