Pirate Life Double Acai Passionfruit


2. Size (volume in ml) 500ml
1. Alcohol Percentage 6.8%

Double dip? Nope. Double Denim? Maybe. Double Açai and Passionfruit? Oh god yes!

First brewed back in 2020, this tongue twirling fruit sour is a PL B’day staple. Lactic acid (generated by lactobacillus) supplies the bulk of the tartness, while a simple malt bill lets the fruit take centre stage.

All up, it’s over two-hundred kilos of passionfruit pulp and twenty kilos of açai berry puree. The former gifting more tangy goodness, the latter that über fuchsia hue.

Once cracked, expect aromas of preserved citrus, rock candy and a mild lacto funk. On the palate, flavours of passionfruit and stewed berries are offset by a deep tartness, which rolls about the tongue like a zesty lemon drop.