Pirate Life Belgian Quad


2. Size (volume in ml) 500ml
1. Alcohol Percentage 10.2%

Quad muscle? Nah. Quad bike? Cool. Quadrupel? Oh, god yes!

Inspired by the Trappist brewers of Belgian, Quadrupel refers to a beer rich in flavour, complexity and (without glamourising it in any way shape or form) ABV. This is our first as a brewery and we’re quietly chuffed with how it’s turned out.

A blend of Pale, Toffee, and Crystal Malts gives it a hefty backbone and a deep caramel hue. Perle and Spalt hops lend a tickle of bitterness and earthy notes, while a combo hit of molasses and Dark Belgian Candi Sugar lends a syrup like viscosity.

Once poured, the nose is greeted with aromatic esters of raisin and clove studded baked pear – thanks to the Belgian Abbey Ale yeast. The palate is loaded with ginger snap biccies, cinnamon, and bread & butter pudding, which sounds like a mouthful, and guess what? It is.  

A bloody tasty one.