Pepesza Tommy Gun Vodka 1lt


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2. Size (volume in ml) 1 Litre
1. Alcohol Percentage 40%

Pepesza Vodka PPSh-40, made by the Polish Bartex distillery, comes in a stunning packaging: the bottle is a glass replica of the Soviet submachine gun PPSh-41, that was designed by Georgi Shpagin in the early forties – PPSh is short for Pistolet-Pulemjot-Shpagina – Shpagin machine pistol. The drink inside this unique bottle is a quality vodka, four-times distilled from fine rye with an alcohol content of 40 % Vol. ABV – thus the name PPSh-40 instead of the number 41 in the name of the weapon it was modelled after. Because of its similarity to the US submachine gun Thompson, nicknamed Tommy Gun, some shops not quite accurately label this vodka as Pepesza Vodka Tommy Gun.