Mountain Culture x Grumpy Donuts Drippy Donut Glaze Imperial Stout


2. Size (volume in ml) 500ml
1. Alcohol Percentage 10.7%

When brainstorming the recipe for this beer, we had one clear direction from DJ: “If you’re going to make a donut stout, make a f*&king DONUT stout…”

And that’s how we ended up pouring 1,000 of the tastiest donuts made by our friends and curators of Sydney’s finest hand crafted dough balls, Grumpy Donuts, into one of our smallest tanks to, you know, really lean that ratio over to the ‘f*&king donut’ side of things.

Balanced bitterness and sweetness, expect a smooth, chocolatey stout with hints of cinnamon and vanilla.