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Hawkers Yeast to West 3 Pack


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2. Size (volume in ml) 3 x 440ml
1. Alcohol Percentage 6.9%

Explore the contrasting nuances of different brewing yeasts across three strains—Kveik, US-05, and Thiolised Yeast and how they impart their own characters on the final product. Each behaves in its own way, attenuating differently, fermenting at different temperatures, and the speed at which it consumes the sugars in the wort.

Try and compare all three with this mixed 12 pack, complete with a 30cL Hawkers branded Willi Becher glass.

Kveik Yeast | Fermentation Temp: 30°C | 6.9% ABV

US-05 | Fermentation Temp: 24°C | 6.9% ABV

Thiolised Yeast Mix | Fermentation Temp: 22°C | 6.9% ABV