Cenote Tequila Ahumado Smoked Tequila Reposado


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2. Size (volume in ml) 700ml
1. Alcohol Percentage 40%

Cenote™ Is An Ultra-Premium 100% Agave Azul Tequilana Weber Tequila Inspired By The Beauty Of The Yucatan Peninsula And The Spectacular Underground Water Systems Unique To This Geographical Region. Cenote™ Tequila Has A Complex Flavor Profile That Balances Fragrant Cooked Agave With Delicate Wood Notes.Cenotes Are Natural Swimming Holes Formed By The Collapse Of Porous Limestone Bedrock Which Has Revealed A Secret Subterranean World Of Crystal Clear Fresh Water That Has Been Meticulously Filtered By The Earth.The Mayans Revered Cenotes Because They Were A Water Source During Dry Times; Giving Them The Name Cenote Meaning ‘Sacred Well’. They Believed Cenotes Were ‘Windows To The Underworld’ Inhabited By Gods And Goddesses Including The God Of Rainfall Chaac.