Behemoth Yo Ho Ho Rum Infused Belgian Dark Ale


2. Size (volume in ml) 440ml
1. Alcohol Percentage 10.5%

Arrr, we heard ye loud and clear. You wanted a pirate beer, or maybe we just wanted to make one, ah! The order doesn’t matter. So we bring to you, Yo Ho Ho, and a beer infused with Rummy goodness. So avast ye landlubbers, we scoured the seven seas and brought ye back some hops picked straight outta Davy Jones’ locker. We took our Belgian Dark Strong Ale and infused it will Rummy goodness, not for the faint of heart nor landlubbers. What’re ye waiting for ya scallywag, weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen. Here be treasure, matey’s. Get it before it’s gone! Yarrr Enjoy now or age for up to 5 years