Behemoth Im-Apricot-Ment Apricot Sour Ale


2. Size (volume in ml) 440ml
1. Alcohol Percentage 5.5%

Im-Apricot-Ment, that’s a word yeah? No? Ah well too late, already printed it so it is now.

A different take one of our other sours pointing at a certain orange menace who no doubt thinks he could pose on the front cover of Vogue. Well unlike that attention seeking ****wit, we have a delicious Apricot Sour Ale worthy of your attention. So, strike a pose Churly, this ale is turning heads and making taste buds sing, bringing a burst of Apricot to the craft beer catwalk. Thankfully it’s not an Apricot man walking down the catwalk, yeah no one wants to see that.