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Woods Old Navy Rum

Woods Old Navy Rum

Originally, Rum was ‘discovered’ by 17th century Caribbean sugar growers who distilled the waste product from other manufacturing processes into a spirit known as ‘Kill Devil’.It was used as a cure-all for ailments that afflicted those living in the tropics and was later sold to naval ships stationed in the Caribbean to encourage them to remain there and protect them from the pirates.After the British Navy adopted its daily ration of a half pint of 160 proof rum, called ‘tot’, the naval rum connection spread, and from the 1730’s a thriving export trade developed.Wood's 100 is one such rum, originating from what was known as British Guyana in South America.It has been produced in the same way for over 150 years and acquired by Wm Grant & Sons in October 2002.

Alchohol: 57.00%
Origin: The Diamond Distillery
Type: Spirit




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