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Castle Lager beer

Castle Lager

Castle Brewery is one of the oldest commercial breweries in South Africa. As company-endorsed legend would have it, the company was founded by the aptly-named Charles Glass in Johannesburg in 1894. It later merged with other breweries to form South African Breweries, which still later merged with Miller of the United States to form SABMiller. The main brand is Castle Lager, first brewed in 895. Castle Lager has won many awards, from gold medals to the "World's Best Bottled Lager" award at the 2000 International Brewing Industry Awards. The lager has 5% ABV with a unique light hops taste, advertised as "somewhat dry, somewhat bitter, never sweet" and as "the beer that stood the test of time".
Alchohol: 5.00%
Brewery: South African Breweries Plc
Origin: South Africa
Type: Lager - US


$21.99 $15.99 Pack (330ml Bottle x 6)
$67.99 $54.99 Carton (330ml Bottle x 24)


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